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Aids cure possible by 2012

The French scientist who was awarded a Nobel Prize for discovering the Aids virus has said a vaccine is possible in four years.

Luc Montagnier and his team received the international accolade for their work isolating the HIV/Aids virus at the French Pasteur Institute in Paris.

The award ended a dispute with an American scientist Dr Robert Gallo who claimed royalties for the find, the Los Angeles Times reported.

However, Dr Gallo was not mentioned in the award, which Dr Montagnier said he should have shared.

Talking to the Daily Mail, Dr Montagnier said that a treatment could be possible for people who already had HIV/Aids.

"I think it will be possible with a therapeutic vaccine rather than preventative vaccinations," he said.

This would only be possible if funding was made available, he added.

Dr Montagnier's team shared the Nobel Prize with a German scientist Dr Harald zur Hausen who was recognised for his work in discovering the viruses that caused cervical cancer.

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